Forgive. A poem. 

A flower gave the wanderer life

Filled a soul with beauty

It’s pedals held love

With magnificent glory

A sharp knife cut threw the air

Slicing the fragile object

Crumpling the remaining hope

With that of nothing

We both hurt from the demise of beauty

Both hearts that once beated together

Now beat seperatly

But with the same sorrow

The death of the flower caused a change

Yin and yang of the opposite spectrum

Separating the last of the string

That once held the pedals of love

Yet we are here with the same pain

Both hearts aching with intesity 

So why is that I am the one hurting

Crying with guilt and shame

The universe knows of the story 

Knows the pain we both felt

It sees the truth with unabiding mediation

It knows the true outcome

The darkness you have covered me with 

Will not detour my stance 

The shroud of hate 

Will only staple me for so long

You chose a path of anger and revenge

To rid the remaining happiness from my being 

And yet I still stand with quivering knees

Expecting nothing less

Yet I hide the fear

I show you a calm exterior

With nothing but acceptance 

And give the rest of my soul for peace 

For one day you will feel shame

I chose to forgive your hate

With a gallery of people in my ear

I chose peace

The place in which I have a say

Does not extend towards your feelings

They are only for you

And right now they see red

Yet the red concretes the foundation

Of which I knew would be the outcome all along

A foundation that will prove unwise

When you reflect 

For I chose the path of righteousness

And am forgiving every hate filled word that is spewed

Because someone must be the higher

And I choose love over hate. 

It’s better that way. 


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