The Wolf

 The darkness was overwhelming, stars beaming threw the invisible clouds above, shining the path ahead. A snowy landscape only few on this earth have ever wintessed. The crumpled tiny steps that followed her were light, yet loud to alert others, crackling under the small paws that have yet to learn the practice of stealth. A beautiful young cub, caught in the wrong season of its birth. Small and fragile, she knew only instinct to protect her young.
 She sat under a large tree that seemed to stand alone, in a forest filled with giants. Its limbs over hanging, protecting the onslaught of snow, from reaching the warmth they carried. The collector of death soon approached, gripping the two in its wintery embrace. But she had to fight. Her first young, she would not allow the invisible reaper, to advance any further into her cub. Feveriously, she grabbed the cub behind the neck, and raced towards The bottom of the hill. Hoping to find relief in the groves below. 
 It was when she passed the snow capped tree tops, that she realized, that the area she had entered was no safe haven. A scent of death wafting threw the air with every deep breath inhaled, forcing a gag with air that was hard to come by. She could feel her cubs skin tighten in her jaw as they passed a silent movement in the surrounding woods. A dark figure, to dark to track, only growling out of a mocking fashion. She stopped, knowing they could advance no farther. The snow gently gave way to a light brisk that covered the grass with a shiny gloss. Causing the dim moon to explode the view around them, giving way a graveyard. Bones from animals, scattered across her view with intense feelings of doom. Suffocating her with fear. 

 The cub knew as well as his mother that they would not be escaping this graveyard. His trembling turning into a small whine, crying out for a savior. She knew her cub knew what she knew. The alpha wolf would soon come from his darkness, would ditch his shadow, and punish the ones who intruded on him. Her mind racing threw a darkness filled with doubt, she could only instinct to take over at this point. 
 Blood dripped from the alphas grin, as he strolled out of his shadows. His heart racing at the easy meal that had wandered onto his dinner plate. A controlled excitement. Not wanting to show his joy at the unfolding events. He had no need for a stealth attack, for she knew he was there. A smart wolf she was, yet not enough to keep her from her demise. He stepped forward with his massive paws, sending echoes threw the forest. Dominating every quiet pocket left in the never ending woods. Confidence oozing from his devilish growl, that slowly started escaping him. 
 It was the crackle of the stick that alerted her of the impending doom that lay in front of herl, and her little one. His innocence about to be stolen. A quick paw to the face was all it took for her to drop to the ground. Blood spewing from her mouth within the same instance of her being struck. She fell with a loud thud, that could be heard by all the creatures around. Her body bounced as the force knocked her to the edge of a small tree. Her vision slowly fading. Only the sound of soft footsteps heading away from her limp body, invading her ears. Every inch of her knowing what was to come, if she didn’t get back up. 
 The squeal of the newly born cub, crackled threw the dry cold air. Forcing itself into every inch of her being. An instinct raging inside her, bout to explode. She shot out beneath the tree, with a fiery rage, that allowed her to force out the pain. 
 He looked at the female with a moment that impressed him. His forceful strike had merely slowed down the young mother. He cackled, as he dropped the young cub from his mouth, spitting fur from his teeth. Her determination finally getting his attention. An easy meal he would not have.  

 The two wolves circled each other. Each giving no ground to the other,, only advancing, one paw at a time. His steps still echoing from before, hers, softer than a field mouse. She moved in silence, as she knew it was her greatest defense. He moved with athouratiy, for it was what he was. The alpha. Being challenged by a lost mother and her cub. \
 He struck with an immense force, cutting her face with claws wide open, gashing the bright white fur. Yet she did not move this time. Her instinctual love guiding the way. Another strike by him opened up a gash above her eye, as she kept circling. Taking blow after blow, her window was slowly closing. The darkness taking hold of whatever she had left. The third strike got her on the neck, causing blood to rush from her now limp less body. The fight was near over. One more from the alpha and the quick scrap would be over. 
 She saw him approaching slowly, enjoying his victory. Snow started to fall on the red ground around her, covering up her death. She could see a snowflake land on her nose, causing her to see her young one shivering in the cold once more. A sadness was creeping into her dieing body. The fire that raged just a minute ago, was now a mere candle light. But it was still there. As was her cub. A new determination came to her in her dieing breath. 
 He approached knowing his victory was at hand, and his belly soon to be full. Within a few steps of the young mother, he could see her gaze leading towards the cub. A love radiating from her lifeless body. He stood a foot away from her now. Staring into the eyes that had no time for her death. Confusion ran threw his mind. Never had an animal hung on for so long. Usually giving way with the first blow. To understand he looked at the cub shaking in the background. 
 She waited till the alpha had lost his deadly gaze upon her, and struck with a fiery intention. Love was now tthe only force controlling her. It was a quick strike to the neck, jaws clinched, and a rip of the spine. She had latched onto the monster with no intention of letting go. Squeezing with every ounce of will she had. Finally a pop, and it was over.
 Her breath now was over empowering, as she dropped from the loss of adrenaline. The thought of death was now taking control of her mind. Causing blood to flow with no restraint. The snow, covering her in its soft grave. It was the soft touch upon her bloodied nose, that forced her eyes back open. A warm face looked upon her with fear and love. Innocence was now gone from the eyes that gleamed in the moonlite, only to filled with sorrow and pain. A moment he would never forget. A moment, she would not let happen. 
 She stood, as a ghost in the wintery night. A dead soul walking in a mortal world. She grabbed her cub and took him from the scene of the reaper. For two days she carried the young one till they found there pack. Only stopping to collapse as they approched. Her instinct now being filled, her time had come. She had escaped the reaper for a moment, but all debts must be paid. A grin came upon her face as she saw her cub, before the darkness finally wrapped her up. Giving her eternal warm


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