The River

Lord have mercy when you take my soul,

I’ve been running for so long that my feet are cold,

The last time I saw the flames of the fire,

I was just a boy with heart and desire.


Take my soul, O lord, take my soul,

It is scattered, so I apologize for the searching,

Follow the darkness, into the abyss,

There you will find, what I could not.


Deep into the dark you will find,

That which you seek,

Do not fret, O lord, do not hesitate,

For I have not been frightened.


Once the darkness takes over you,

Feel my pain,

So then you can see what you need,

The thing in which that lights your creation.


Please have mercy, O lord, have mercy on me,

I did not know you would have to search,

That in which you gifted to me,

I did not know.


A river will run, in the darkness, heavy is its current,

Follow the scent of despair,

Violent is its path,

Follow the lily’s that came from its destruction.


There is beauty in its curves,

Though it may seem painful,

Purpose courses from its past,

O lord, I hope, O lord have mercy.

This is my beauty for you,

An urge to create something,

Just as you did,

Something that I ask to be returned now.


I will wait here, O lord, I will wait,

Patiently I will sit,

Forever I will hope,

That you forgive, that which I lost.


A rose for you, you will find, beautiful as the fire,

Smoke bellows from its thorns,

Follow the embers,

As they will guide you toward the cliff.


Trust in me, O lord, trust in me,

Jump from its jagged edge,


Let the air suffocate you.


I am sorry, you must believe me,

This is the only way,

I pray you that you do,

For I could not.


If you disappear, I will not hold on,

My soul will understand,

That you could not do what we both wished,

My soul will forgive.


As for me, lord, I will rest,

Forever in this abyss,

If you do not return,

Judgement will pass, I pray lord, for judgment.


This is where we part, Lord, we must,

I cannot stand with you,

Deserving I am not,

I could not reach the edge, as you have.


My legs are weak now,

The darkness creeping back into me,

Crippling my spine,

Turning my existence into dust.


I am sorry lord, for my soul is lost,

Beautiful as the lily’s,

Perhaps they can do what we could not,

Perhaps, they can save whats left of us.


As the seconds turn to ash,

The darkness fades,

Here we are,

Together again,

With the river still raging.






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