In this moment of solitude, perception hits me like a brick onto glass.

Crashing into me with a feverous furry.

I feel betrayed, to be honest.

Confidence was inside me, roaring to the surface.

Spewing lava from my crushed soul.

For years I have worked to reach such a milestone.

Built foundations to erect my monument of self.

Yet, here I am.

Alone in this darkened room.

Betrayed by the universe once more.

It hurts to look at the rubble that lays around me.

My eyes burn, as the tower of me, no longer blocks the sunlight.

How did such events, cause such a disastrous outcome?

Perhaps, it was destiny. Or maybe karma pulling me back to where I belong.

For I have done things that should not be spoken.

I have said things that will not be forgotten.

But, I know not of what the stars have for me.

I have yet to see, them align in my favor.

One day, I will see my constellation.

I know this.

Somewhere deep within the darkness, I know this to be true.

I suppose, this is what hope feels like.

A light, that fizzles, but does not retreat.

A sensation that pushes the darkness away, so that light shall shine through the vale.

I smile, as I gather the rubble around me.

Time to build a stronger foundation.

I must be ready. I must have a place to lay my head.

For when I peer into the void, and see the stars shine upon me, I must be ready.




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