Blossom my child.

Go forth unto this world and set fire to rain.

Burn down the notion of hate.

Free yourself from this perpetual sadness.


I wish for you to feel the love I have for you.

I hope that one day, you will look back, and realize that you are made from the stars.

Every inch of you created from the stars above.

For you are beauty incarnate.


Your smile could part the sea, as it does my heart.

Your eyes glisten of the sun.

In a way that would make God stand in awe.

And a laugh that melts all hearts around you.


I often wonder, why karma gave me you.

I have done things in which are unspeakable.

Broken every law of man, for foolish gains.

And yet, here you are.


I have never met God.

But Id like to give him thanks.

For a second chance.

A chance to prove my worth, after years of hate.


Perhaps, you are the fabled light, at the end of this dark tunnel.

A single flame, amidst the growing ocean around me.

Somewhere deep within, I still feel unworthy of such a guide.

Continuously rushing down a road of second guessing.


No matter what the thoughts I have of not being adiqute, I will never let you fall.

Life may break you, but you will always have me to fall back to.

My thoughts be damned.

My fear can rot, for all I care.


I look into your eyes, and feel purpose.

Something that sends shivers down hates spine.

Bursting the marrow into flames as it courses.

Giving me a tool to defeat such things.


In turn, providing strength to you.

Use me for your will.

Use me to build your kingdom.

I am yours.


Even if this world catches flame.

Even if the sky falls onto this rock.

Even if hell comes forth.

I will protect you.


You are my love.

My hearts desire.

My souls compassion.

My everything.


So, as I tell you this, my world crumbles.

Ashes form from the flames of my burnt body, as I fall back to the earth.

I give this to you.

My rubble.

So that you, may build your kingdom.

Take the rocks of my being.

Create the beauty, that I see in you.


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