Somewhere Else.

This reality has struck me down, pushed into an oblivion unseen, save for the lore I have read in poems from yesteryear. What is this place?

How could I have possibly ended up on wrong side of destiny? I played the cards that were dealt to me with exact precision and yet, failure had crept inside my cold chest, freezing my heart with an icy touch.

But, where is the reality that I had known from they day I could form perception?

Or was that an illusion as well? A forced sight, of sorts, that hid beneath the darkness that carries such a burden within all of us.

Was it simply, just a game? A game in which the outcome was pre-determined?

Regardless of the question that I now ponder, I am still here. I know this for certain.

I peer through this realm with absolute wonder. Vision takes a back seat to a strange feeling within my mind.

As if a second form of sight has entered my brain, illuminating my surroundings, forming pictures, as if stamping images onto my psyche. Such an odd feeling, I say to the void.

The void. Appropriate, I suppose.

For there is nothing that gives this place meaning. Nothing, to associate it with anything that my mind can understand.

Yet, through the confusion, I know this for sure, that I have died. The reaper himself, stands to my right. Un-moving in his blackened robe.

Though I can not see, I can feel his presence. His aura strikes me to my core, wrapping itself around my hollow body.

If I could feel what was left of myself, I would know that the heat he now radiates, is comparable to a thousand suns. All being created, and exploding within an instance.

Is this what he has felt since the dawn of the universe? Pain?

For an instance, I can feel the hate that flows through him. Coursing through his viens like a black serpent.

As I quiver with fear, I look towards him. As a fool would do.

That’s when I notice something different from my view of him. His face, is filled with sadness. A deep, pure, sadness.

I want to cry for him. To extend my hand and grab him, to show him that he not alone anymore. But I merely stand, and do nothing but look in amazement.

Maybe, after a life of taking souls from one realm to the next, he has died a little bit himself. Terror and hate being all that he knows. For that is all that is given to him from the poor souls he comes for.

Wonder turns to sorrow, sorrow for the poor man, and his selfless job that he keeps. I can feel his shock, as he feels what I feel for him. Has no one had empathy for the reaper? Through an infinite amount of souls, was it all just hate towards him?

Once again, I want to cry for him.

The void becomes less dark as I stare at the poor man. Faintly illuminating itself, as to show me what lays beyond the void.

I see a field. Laden with an array of beautiful sunflowers. A sea of yellow beneath a dotted skyline. A tree begins to come into view. Its branches sprouting out into the air, chasing the clouds that roamed above.

Who is the man that lays under the tree? He looks peaceful, as he takes a rest on the massive trunk. His hair flowing with the light breeze that spreads the warm air around him.

Though beauty has been painted in front of me, I can still feel the icy grip the reaper has on me. Crushing my sense of joy as I look out onto the picturesque scenery.

Who is that man? I ask.

That is you. Death responds, a tinge of surprise in his clammy voice. Has he ever been asked a question before?

Even I, was stunned at the question. Could that possibly be me? If so, why am I not beneath the tree? Why am I stuck peering onto a perfect day, from within a bleak void, standing next to the keeper of all souls?

But, without a moment to wonder, he grabs my hand. And the view fades within an instant.

I can feel my ancestors in his touch. There lives flashing into my mind. There pain, there joy, all of there dreams and hopes, flow through me through his icy grasp.

All of the moments that came to be, for me, to become part of the endless life cycle that all who have breathed, have come to know. It crushes me. Dropping me to my knees.

The absoluteness of life. To bring such an limitless amount of factors to fruition, just so that I may feel the joys of love. And the despair of sadness. All that have died before me, so that I may one day, stand next to the man who took them from the world they knew, just as I do in this moment.

It is time. He speaks softly. As a mother would to her child. This tone comforts my racing mind, and brings me back to the situation I am now in.

This is the moment. The moment that all who inhabit the circle of life come to know.

A smile reaches my face, as I fear him no more. He has shown me his sadness. Yet also his purpose.

Ok. I say.

My eyes open to view a swaying branch above me. Its shade a welcome blockage from the hot sun. The sunflowers around me mimic that of the leaves, dancing along the valley in beautiful dance.

What a wonderful day this is, I say to myself, closing my eyes once again.

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