The Light At The End.

Wonderment came to mind, as I traversed the darkness surrounding me. Staring into the eternal abyss that shrouded the logic between two different conciousness. It was a feeling unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

The dark feeling crept into my soul, invading spaces that normally were void to such assualts. Somewhere within me, a barrier had been broken, and what was behind flew out unto me with a fiery fury.

The invasion made its way through my spine; slowly, yet with intent. Tingling with every inch. It wanted to break something within me; something I had not known was there, yet felt every waking day.

As the demon rose through the back of my being, I tried to push back on the foul creature, yet was unable to with stand such forces. A mighty foe indeed.

Wonderment once again caught my attention. Without hesitation, my mind drifted away from the monster, toward an awkward light that laid ahead.

Through the forever darkness, a faint hint of life peeked its head through the shroud that laid waste around me.

Slowly, my ragged feet began to push back, breaking free from the solid state that held me. And the light grew larger.

Eternity flashed before me as I stepped towards the glow. Every moment that spanned the construct of time, flooded my mind. Filling it with images of both beauty, and horror. Creation. And Death.

The wicked beast was now grasping onto my weakened shoulders. Its claws slicing through skin with horrifying ease. I wanted to scream in agony, but was told to do otherwise. From whom, I do not know.

One second crept along. And then another. Within that time, eternity had reached my mere existance that a moment before, I clang to.

I felt nothing as I watched life unfold. Emotions ran through me, yet I could not feel there true extent. Instead, I was filled with a sense I did not know was inside me.

Peace. I said softly.

I expected regret, as I watched my life. Perhaps fearful of what I was going to witness.

Yet, only one memory appeared.

It was a summers day. The sky had been scattered with puffy clouds, dotting the deep blue of space. A soft breeze swept across the valley, slowly grazing on the lucious green that I laid on. Unknowingly, I ran my fingers through the grass, mindlessly staring at the sky above.

There was a certian amount of bliss that filled me on that day. My heart felt full.

I smiled, as I drew closer to the light. I could feel its warmth. It embraced me, as a mother does to a child, slowly squeezing me into a state of relaxation.

Tears finally began to drizzle from my eyes, streaking down my cheeks, and falling unto the demon. They burned the monster with a glorious fire. Every ounce of joy in me flowed through into reality.

In that moment, the beast vanished, disapperaing into another realm of existence. And I felt pity.

Finally, I passed from the vail of darkness, into a ray of pure light. In engulfed me. White fire rose up and swallowed me whole. And I was nothing.

I woke from my daydream, breathing heavier than I ought to. My fingers still coursing through the soft grass. What a beautiful day.


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