The Universe.

There once was a time in space, where I knew the meaning of everything.

I believed I had learned what was needed of me, and that was the end all.

Unaware that I had merely touched the iceberg.

I was just a pawn in the game of life.

Lucky enough to have graced your presence.


It started the day I saw you.


Even though my age would say different, I was just a child.

A bright eyed, foolish child, who was floating through this plain of existence without a care.

I could not imagine life outside of the hole I had dug for myself. For that hole was comfortable and familiar.

I did not want to leave such a warm place.


That was, until, you came into my life.


It is hard to explain love. Even the greatest of poets struggle with the immense pressure it puts on ones heart.

The best I can do is to compare it to a meteor striking the earth.

An unstoppable force, meeting an immovable object.

Two forces of the universe colliding in a glorious fashion.

Destruction left in its path, a new beginning left in the wake.


When I first looked into your eyes I knew then and there, that I had met something that had been missing from my life.

Something I didnt even know was missing.

The white to my black yang.


We met and I stumbled as I attempted to say hello, only to stutter as my heart fell to pieces.

You smiled and seemingly picked up the shards with the grace of an angel.

Putting it all back together with an ease that just shattered it all over again.


I knew from then on, that I couldnt let you go.

But I did.

Why? I still do not know.

Perhaps because we were not ready for what life had in store for us.

Perhaps we needed more heartbreak to understand what our love meant.


And so life went on.

Not to say that I didnt yearn for your soul.

Every morning and every night I would picture you, holding me as if I was the last person you’d ever touch.

Daydreaming of you would control my days, making it impossible to focus on anything but your laugh.


Then I saw you again.

And the boy that had first fell from his mountain top, fell over and over again.

For years I had thought of the perfect set of words to tell you.

For months I would recite in my head the poems of language, creating scenes that would make God blush.

But once again, I could think of nothing to say.

You captivated my heart from the moment we met, and to this day im just as lost as I was all those years ago.


I began to feel my chest thump, sweat began to form in my hands, as I felt I was losing a perfect moment to tell you how you changed me.

To tell you how you own me.

For the rest of eternity I am yours.

Weather in this life, or the next.

But such words have no meaning in this reality.

For they can not do justice to the fires that burn in my soul.


And just then, as if a gift from the gods, you hugged me.

You squeezed me so hard that I could feel the air escaping from every inch of my being.

In that moment I knew, that I was ready to die, as long as you were there holding me.

Just before I was about to faint, you let go.


You smiled at me and time stopped.

For a brief second, time stood still around us.

I knew from that moment, what my purpose in life was.

What I had been sent to this planet to do.


I am to let the entire universe see your smile.

I will lift you above me.

You are my yin.

You are the piece of my soul that makes the stars dance in the night sky.


One day.

I will give you love that God intended for you.

This I swear.





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