When The Stars Went Out

*This isnt a political or environmental charged post or anything like that. Just an old draft that I had worked on a long time ago. Enjoy.*


I am life.

For a countless millennia I would peer into the sky. Once the light that lit the earth slept upon the great mountains, a beautiful portrait would illuminate the darkness.

Such a simple beauty. Nothing but mere pin pricks into a dark sheet. Yet the dancing of them all, gave life itself to they sky.

Simple as it was, they never seized to amaze. Putting on a show every night since the dawn of time. Relentless in there choreography.

I took solace in the divine beauty above me,as I struggled to survive the harsh world in which I inhabited alone.

It was very quiet back then. No birds singing lullabies. No rustling of dried leaves in the empty forests that I had built. Such a shame it seemed to have my paintings waste away.

My days were sad and lonesome back then. Only the stars to accompany me on the cold nights.

Often I would curse the gift that I was given. Asking to no one why I was tasked with such a precious order. Lately I have grown to appreciate those times.

Then a challenge arose one of those nights. A challenge I could not decline.

The stars spoke to me. They taunted me as I wept tears of sorrow. For If they could get on that stage every time the sun left me and be joyful, then I could to.

So I persevered. I accepted my time alone. And it made me humble.

As the years went on, I began to reap what I had sown.

Tiny little creatures began to walk across the paintings that I had created. Beautiful little beings they were. So innocent and seemingly care free to the harshness of this world.

The nights weren’t so lonely after they came around. For I was no longer alone. Feeling every heart beat on this rock we all called home, created a sense of love to me. They needed me, yet I needed them more. A mother and her offspring.

Soon I had stopped looking at the sky. There was no time for such fantasies when my children needed me. No time to let my imagination run rampant. No dreams, for they had already come true. I took solace in this.

Until one day, my children began to take from me. They took everything I had provided and then took some more. Burned my flesh in the sake of warmth. Killed the animals they once lived next to, to feed there own children. But this did not bother me. They are my children and I shall love them.

I love them and they love me. Please, take what you need from me my children. It is for you. I said this the last night of my life.

I cried that night. More than I had ever done before. It felt good to release such things from my being. Yet it was not tears of sorrow or hatred. More of happiness and relief. As I lay there on a cold night, I glanced up at the stars for the first time in a million years. And I gasped.

I expected a dance of the heavens to light my fire once more. To give me a sense of hope. But they laid still against there silhouette with an uncomfortable silence. I arose in shock as I kept my eyes fixated on the lifeless body above me. Did death finally reach the gods in the sky? Where could they have gone? Surely I can not have outlived the lights that guided me so long ago.

So I began to run. I ran as fast as I could across this earth, in search for another performance. But the lights my children had created drowned out the spectacle above. They dimmed them with there own creation. Purposely or by chance, I do not know. Regardless, they had shut down the sky. With that, my heart broke.

I did not cry. I did not weep. I did not curse them and I did not hate them. They are still my children I said softly to myself. And I must love them no matter what they have done.

So I laid down. My eyes still fixated on the night sky. Then I closed them. And my sight went as black as the stars.


This was many years ago. A memory that still touches me with sadness. I died that night, on the cold wet grass of my own creation. When I awoke I was no longer on my planet, no longer with my children. Instead, I stared down on them from above. At first there was shock, followed swiftly by relief.

I said a prayer for them from above, for I wanted them to thrive. I wanted them to appreciate truly, what I had given them. In hopes that they may one day, return my masterpiece back to what it once was. A tear left my eyes, and floated down to earth below me. It disappeared without a trace, and I said my goodbye.

As I turned my back on all I had ever known, my eyes began to flicker. Behind me was my old my friends. The ones that had guided me through the hell that was my solitude. A smile met my face. Determination slid into my soul once again. A new start is what they had for me. Giving me a chance to quench my yearning for a fresh start. And away I went. Somewhere out there in the stars, a new home called for me.

And I was free.



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