An Old Friend.

Hello my old friend. It has been quite a while since we’ve last spoken.

Time has truly taken over our destiny. Creating a lost space between us.


The perils of space have shown me things. Both beautiful. And ugly.

I have seen a life enter this reality. I have seen life enter the next.


There have been times when I was lost. Searching for something unknown.

I sought something that I knew was there. But did not know what.

I often wonder what would have been if I caught up with that false creation.

For it was just a false pillar in my mind. A blank existence.


I once thought that a smile was a gateway. A passage towards the heavens.

There was a moment in time when I knew this to be true.

Somewhere deep within, I can still feel this.

But the perils of life cooled that flame. Extinguishing it to a mere smolder.


I have found peace. Though not the one in which you know.

There is no peace inside me. No silence for which to call my own.

A fire burns within. A fire with no purpose.

I see this now. This is my peace.

My solitude is my kingdom.


Do not feel sorrow for me. I enjoy the hell I have created.

The flames remind me of something. Something I had thought to be lost.

And it is my own. A pain I can call home.

I have you to thank for this.


Please acknowledge I have no hate for you. No ill thoughts in which to upset the balance of life.

For a time this was not true. There was something evil I felt when you came to be.

I spent years weeping at the mere thought of you. Not knowing why you hurt me so.

You were cruel in your teachings. For this, I am thankful.


Now as I see you once more, a forgotten smile crosses my saddened soul.

Lighting up the depths with a glorious purity.

The realization hits me like a truck. Knocking me to my knees.

You knew this day would come. You could see my path ending here.


The pain. The sorrow. The hatred.

It was all because of you.

Thank you. Love. Thank you.


I will not let you go. Not again.

My heart cannot handle another crack in its foundation.

Although it is held up by the forces of my will, it needs your guidance.

Yearns for your embrace. And this time I will not push you away.


Please enter. We have much work to do.

Love will not leave me again. This I swear.













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