A Lost Feeling.

It shot back into existence

A feeling from far ago

An experience that digs up bones from days past

Prodding at my soul with a fierce grin


Gladly, I enjoy this sensation

Welcoming it with arms spread wide

Filling up my heart with a pureness unknown

As a single tear flows freely down my face


It should be regarded as an unfortunate event, this feeling

A cosmic collision of two forces that brings nothing but sorrow

Creating a black hole of nothingness

Crushing any form of light that embodies the space around it


There was a reason I buried this idea years ago

There is a reason I broke my love in two

I had to do such an abominable act

I had to chain my heart, to set yours free


Now, as my eyes lay into yours once more

I feel the gratitude of the gods

Shining brightly into my life once more

They bring fate to my feet, as they have before


I am happy to see you again, I say for the first time

And you smile a smile unmatched in any thing across the cosmos

Pulling the strings that I had cut as a boy

I nearly collapse from your immense hug

My lungs extinguishing all oxygen from themselves


If only I could have told you that

If only I could have expressed into words of what you are to me

But I never did.

Not then, and not now


Forbidden is this gift

For I am not yours

I see this now

But for the moment, I wish only to think of what could have been

For what pieces of my soul I could have put back together

With you holding the glue


Perhaps in a life many deaths from now

We can hold each other in a warm embrace

So that I may shower you in this love so pure, that courses through me

On that day

I will show you what the gods have cursed me with

So we may both be helpless, together

Into eternity


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