The Day I Killed.

It didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it would

Almost as if it were to easy

A primal urge of disastrous proportions

The action sliding through space with ease

Cutting through time as a river does to the mountain


Through the looking glass

It is clear that your death should have come much sooner

The channel of regret shows me this now

Static no longer buzzing in front of me


Certain scenarios carry there own trigger

One that is always at its side

Waiting for the events of my path to align

Waiting for the stars themselves to follow suite

Just to shoot down the tides of hope

Fate was cruel this way

But this is no excuse

The piece of me that died today was by own doing

I am aware of this

I killed it


A small piece of me survived from years past

Constantly hanging by a thread in the back of my mind

Holding afloat my soul


That tiny bit of trust and love for not only you

But to any living creature I came across

Was the embodiment of all things beautiful

All things special in life


For what is life without love

Without compassion for all

And hope for whomever needs it


But beauty is frail

And easily destroyed


I place no blame on you for leaving

It was your decision to make and a hard one at that

I have no words for you though

No anger or sadness

This is for me

And me alone


Just know that you had a hand in this killing as well

Not much

Just enough to tip the tides

We both killed that spark of light inside me

But I offer you freedom from guilt you might have

For this is my burden

And mine alone


Today I killed something inside my soul

An innocent victim


But with death

Comes life

And I must say that something else has began to grow

Similar to the idea of what was before

Yet its brighter

Vividly over powering the darkness left from the murder

It rushes through my heart rapidly

Bringing an emotion back from the dead


I do not know what will come with this situation

But I know one thing

I will come back from this I swear to you this

Beauty will return to reclaim its throne upon my soul

And joy will reign supreme once more





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