A Winters Day



It was precarious to my health to sit upon the bench that laid in the middle of the park. The air that surrounded me, nipped at my neck. Slowly making its way into the slight scarf I had brought along. Frigidly, I wrapped the small piece of cloth tighter around the skin that desperately yearned for warmth. Yet the ever present crispness in the air, refused to subside. Not letting my foolish attempt to be accomplished. Soon, I knew, I would not be able to withstand the onslaught much longer.

But alas, I could not move. I could not let the scene escape my view, not yet.

The sky was falling, blanketing the dead leaves that the air had killed off long ago, with a beautiful shade of white. The purest form of the color, that I had ever witnessed. It sparkled from the briefest amount of light that shown through the dark clouds. Only to vanish once the storm took it over once more. The frozen rain fell softly, landing delicatly on the oak tree in front of me. It kissed the dried branches, quietly bringing the giant back to life for any who laid there eyes on it. For a moment, you could feel the pride it regained, as it showed off a majestic coat fit for royalty.

I sat on the bench, slowly dropping into the frigid air, captivated by the picture that nature had began to paint.

My mind wandered as I stared into the oblivion, as time itself, came to that of a crawl. Even something as mighty as space itself, could not escape the allure of the wintry landscape. As my eyes began to water, from the air or the view, I could not say, a creature made its presence. Bravely battling the elements.

Four tiny paws patted against the soft blanket that now laid on the ground, breaking the silence that hung in the air. A pitter here, and patter there. Its coat was the same shade as the snow, making it difficult to differentiate between the two. Its teeny nose the only visible difference. The rabbit slowly crawled from his hole, taken back by the frosty snowfall, waiting for the teeny body to adjust. No doubt that his hole was much warmer than that of the storm. Brave was the little guy.I almost lost sight of him, as he darted from his cozy home. Nimbly dodging the flakes that began to grow in size. And then dissapered once more underneath the tree that laid in front of me. Not to be seen again.

Small and timid, yet brave and courageous was the creature, challenging mother nature with its own desire for warmth. I took this as a time to stretch my own body, and seek shelter from the storm. At first, my legs did not respond, afraid of what was to come from the sudden exertion. But a small amount of time later, they finally acknowledged my will. After a moment or two at my slow pace, the icy air was pushed back. Retreating from my body that began to grow in warmth.

I could feel the snow compress with every step. Crunching under the my weight, only to be replaced by the contentious snow fall. Mother nature would not be defeated so easily.

I set out on a lethargic pace, doing my best not to over exert my tired muscles. The slight breeze nipping at my exposed skin once again. I pulled my coat in closer, giving me a sense of comfort. And warming my heart with enjoyment.

What a beautiful day, I said silently to only the landscape that surrounded me.

A frozen smile met my lips, creasing the ice that had formed on my bare skin.

Silence once again regained control. And the world seized in beauty.

A perfect winter day.




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