Just A Dream

It was different this time

I can remember every moment

Every second of what felt like forever

The way my heart skipped when you kissed me

Made my soul shake to its core

The way you smiled at me

Destroyed my very foundation

Sending me into a abyss of pure joy


I never knew that a dream could show me what love was

But I guess life is funny that way

A cruel joke


We were sitting in a room adorned with flowers

Roses and tulips lined the walls around us

And it smelled of something unknown to me

A beautiful formation of gods many scents


We sat on a couch, not saying a single word

Then I grabbed your hand

And the room exploded into light

Piercing my heart with thousands of shards of love


It burned hotter than the suns of the stars

Yet I did not move

I did not want to leave that pain

I did not want to leave that room


As the fire burned within me

You looked at me

Soothing the lake of heat

And once again I fell


Your eyes were magic

Turning me into stone with a look of simple delight

I wanted desperatly to look away

My fears urging me too

But this magic would not let me


In that moment, I gave in

Letting the fire inside stay lit

Letting my heart of stone crumble

Until you smiled


Ive always wondered what god must have felt creating angels

The beating of his heart must have made him tremble

Creating mountains in his wake

Forming the heavens with his love

For a second in time, I felt his joy

With a simple crease in your lips


It was then, that you kissed me

Your lips meeting mine

And pure love flowed through me

I was in awe of such a feeling

In awe of being able to feel the touch of an angel

The past and future collided

Pausing time itself in its tracks


I loved you.


I awoke in a fright

Violently seeking my next breath

It was then they I began to cry


I want you back.

But there is no going back, that I know.

It was only a dream.

But I miss you.

I miss you so very much.


But one day.

I will find this stranger.

And I will give you the love that you had unknowingly given me.

One day.

I will find this feeling of love.

One day.








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