A Dream

I awoken in a fright

My fear dripping from my forehead

A clinched fist was all I could feel

Gripping together with a terrible might


It was surreal waking up into the this reality

So far detached from the one that was there just a moment ago

O how quickly the universe changes ones course

Distance only growing farther between the two


The dream started in a small home

Adorned with ravishing asortments of lights

Yellows and greens lit up the walls

Reds and blues twinkling from the window

Thousands of them covering every inch


Next to me was a flower

A flower with brunette hair

She had blue eyes that rivaled the oceans

She had a smile that would make god blush

And a smile so captivating

That poets could only dream of


By the grace of the heavens, she grabbed my lonesome hand

Sending my soul into a spiral

Deep into an abyss that burned with the light of a thousand suns

I swirled below the depths of my self, as fear sunk into my chest

But she squeezed harder


Just when I was about to hit rock bottom, a light shown through the darkness

Something brighter than I could ever have imagined

Blinding me beyond repair

For a moment, I seized to see


As my vision came back to me, the abyss disappeared

And once again I sat next to an angel, still grasping my hand

I tried to speak

Desperately wanting answers

But All that came forth was the beating in my chest


Foolish, as I knew the outcomes for the questions I sought

It had been inside me


Then you showed your face with perfect clarity

Making me gasp for my next breath


An angel in my presense

An angel holding my hand with a gentle comfort


I had yet to realize how desperatly I wanted to breath, but couldnt find the strength

The urge to stare into your eyes shutting down my basic needs

Not even the greatest of men could withstand such things

Mountains in the sky would buckle under the immense pressure

And break away there foundation, from something so soft


It was then, that you leaned into me

Kissing me with lips that would make clouds jealous

To smooth to be of this world

A fire shot through me with just one touch


I shook, unable to move

Unable to fathom the love that took hold of me

How can a man, any man

Withstand a force, as violent as the stars above colliding


Then you looked back at me with those baby blue eyes

Soothing the fire inside me

Calming my mind and showing me something I thought Id never have

It was a simple enjoyment for you

But for me, it was seeing the universe for the first time


Then I awoke

And I wept tears for what felt like forever

NO, I screamed

This cant be, I have to go back


Foolish I thought, as there was no going back to that place

There was no going back to the little slice of heaven I had just dreamt

And I wept some more


One moment in time

One reality of many

And I could live one that I thought I would never live

So thank you

Thank you for showing me something I didnt know I yearned for


One day, I know

I will find that slice of heaven once more

And I will never let go

Not again










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