Mama is a Gypsy, Papa is a Wanderer


Mama is a gypsy

Papa is a wanderer

Through the peephole of time

I have seen the spirit of life

I aint never known a home to call my own

Traveling through space in a Volkswagen van

I am the son of gypsy

I am the son of a wanderer

My eyes have seen the wonders of love

My eyes have seen the hate of life

I have seen a canyon larger than the moon

I have seen a chair

Larger than a building

There was once a girl that I met

Her hair sparkled like the sun

Lips as red as a burning field of wheat

She was my love

But momma warned me of girls like her

So we said our goodbyes in a loving embrace

Never to see each other again

My lost sun in the sky

I have seen a landscape of water

That never ended

Only being held in place by the specs of sand

That covered my bottom

I am the son of gypsy

I am the son of wanderer

Momma was burnt by the years of her past

Hardened like the foundation of a giant mountain

She loved and laughed when the sky turned to dark

She cried and yelled when she needed

Beauty personified her

Covered in auburn hair that stretches down her back

She says I should have seen her way back when

When her skin glistened

Not burnt by years of travel

Should have seen her smile

That once lit up a room

Not the one that barely reaches her lips

But she was an angel to me

Momma was gypsy

Papa was a wanderer

Never staying in a one place

He always says he needs space to roam

I think hes scared

Of what I do not know

The years were unkind to his body

Beauty personified momma

And hardship for papa

But he loves momma

And momma loves him

Momma is a gypsy

Papa is a wanderer

I am a child

A child of love



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