Today Was Not Like Yesterday.

*Something a lil short but I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for your time*


Today was unlike yesterday

Yesterday was unlike the day before

Constant reminders they are

Time upon time, laying over the ever expandable measure of time

So much time

What am I supposed to do with such mad amounts of something I cannot see

It is unlike the grains I see on the rolling beach

It is invisible

And yet

I can feel the time

I can feel the time float through me

Creating waves upon the shores of my soul

Rippling through my existence

So much time

Today was unlike yesterday

There is something I cannot explain about yesterday

Something quite regular actually

A darkness that follows me

Perhaps it rides on the waves of time

Who knows

Yet today there is no wave

No time to speak of

Just something I cant quite figure out

Perhaps it is joy

Perhaps it is me choosing the route less traveled

But that cant be right

I would have taken that route long ago if that were the case

There is a little piece of me that hopes for what I think it is

Shutting down?


Given up?

No, not that either

Maybe, just maybe

Maybe this is the day that I crossed the ocean

Perhaps time has let me be

Perhaps, I have accepted what has become of me

I dont know

One can hope though, I suppose

Today was unlike yesterday

And yesterday was just like the day before.







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