The Boy

*Recently found this short story I had written a few months back. It is one of favorites. Thank you for giving me your time. Enjoy*


A man walked through the shadows. He spit fire from words that exploded into existence. Each passing, becoming more volatile. The shadows obeyed, as they followed his orders of defiance. Leaving there home in the darkness, to fallow a man that  carried it with him.

His hat twisted to the side as he approached. The cap that held a disfigurement, unseen in nature.  A grin stretched from side to side, snaking across his face. Smiling at the joke that is life. His eyes wondered through this plain with extraordinary hatred. Carving through the weak with ease, consuming the souls that fought with no avail. He stepped with ease, as the earth shattered below. Planning each move, carefully dissecting the earth below.

Lava flowed around him, illuminating the shadows that followed. Frightening the darkness, forcing it to be shown to the world that dared not look. Streaks of stars flew from the heavens, crashing into this world with a beautiful array of destruction. The blackness not wavering from the light being flung around, swirling around the man shrouded in it.

His movement halted with a glorious silence. The chaos chose to wait, observing from the top of mountains, waiting to rejoin. His sly grin faded, exposing talons for teeth. Jagged, like the mans coat. The boy stood in front of the shadowed man, holding his head below. The man cackled, releasing the silent birds in waiting, to flee. It shattered the flowers in bloom, exposing death to its core. The boy wavered, but caught himself. Keeping his knees locked, and heart open.

Complete darkness fell on the two, covering them in its warm blanket. The boy raised his small head, exposing a face fit for a baby. A boy at the age, that should have made the small frame crumble. Yet he stood calmly, mocking the giants that put roots in the soil, standing steady. Chaos raged around them, destruction running a muck. Silence gave them a gift. Between them, only the child’s breath was heard.

The man watched as the boy stared into his soulless eyes. What a day the man thought. Never before in the history of time, has a mortal stood up to the man of darkness. A sinister laugh broke the silence that held the two, shattering the veil of protection. The mans eyes widened with horror.

The boy had not been frightened by the man that stood a mere foot away. He did not accept the terrified voice that was wondering through his mind. His eyes met that of the darkness with a curious stare. Searching for something in the man, that he knew hadn’t excised in a very long time. A child’s wonder, exploring the shadows without a care. He had not noticed his hand on the mans, grasping with a lovable intention.

The man in black was horrified. His arm went to knock the child aside, to expel the innocence of the small creature. A notion that had never failed him. A white spark lifted from the child, exposing his features in the blackness. He floated, staring at the man. the man wanted to run to the whole in which he came but couldn’t, held down by an unnatural force. Then the boy exploded with brilliance.

The stars halted there escape from above, freezing with magnificence eyes. A white flash engulfed the world below, expelling any shadows that hid from the light. The man fell to his knees in wonderment. Reaching for his eyes that had been burned and scorched by a pure light. Confusion over took him, as his knees failed him, causing him to crash into the dirt that once feared his step. Now it accepted the defeat of the man.

He raised his head from his bony hands, exposing tears that once flowed black. A new emotion was taking over the creature, bursting through his chest as he screamed in agony. Before the pain reached a tipping point, a small hand fell upon his shoulder. Not one of anger, but one of grace. An angel floating a greeting to evil. The child spoke to soft for nature, that desperately wanted to hear his wisdom. He leaned over to the man who had fallen, and whispered into his ear. The mans face of bewilderment spoke more than that of the child’s fragile voice.

The man watched as the boy faded into the ether, vanishing into mother earth with ease. Returning to the home that gave him momentary existence. The man laid upon his knees, crying tears of sludge, that oozed down his face. The world watched as the man that once brought darkness to the land, weeped from a child’s voice. His head shot to the stars, searching for the boy. Scanning the horizon for a glimmer of the light that had just reached into him. One that pulled the darkness out and gently let it die. There was no hatred in the boy.

The boy leaned into the dark man, with no anger towards him. No retribution was called for, as the boy saw within. He saw a man that had held the shadows since the dawn of time. One in which there were no options. No chance to bloom, as the wildflower does. He spoke softly into the mans ear, hoping to hit the corner that held his soul.

“You are loved. I forgive you.”


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