An Unwelcome Visitor

*I quite enjoy this style of writing. It is what started my journey of writing. Theres nothing to special about this poem, as I wrote it quickly and on pure imagination. But it is good to practice a form of poetry that you enjoy so thank you for giving me you time, and have a good day.*



It was the day i would never forget

Death had reached me, scythe in tow

Singing a song of darkness; with an angels flow

An abyss of fear flowed through his smile


Welcome good sir, I clambered

Teeth showing from the split in my grin

I have waited to long

Seen the depths of to many despair, to fear such a mundane creature


Hideous was his laugh, foul with the stench of his work

It crept through me

A snake slithering though my spine, searching for my soul

His eyes shifted, as there was nothing left to grab


A twinkle filled my eye, glimmering in the solemn darkness

Light suddenly filled the void of the room

Illuminating a silhouette of a person that god created before our time

Slender was his frame, darkness was his essence


His step rippled through my heart

Creating a black hole, enveloping me into nothingness

Twisting time as he approached me


It is your time, I heard

But there was no mouth for him in which to speak

Only an eternal depth of unknown measures

His hand extended toward me

A black cloud of what was once bones


No, I murmured

Defying a God

Yet there was no hesitation

He had made a mistake coming to me

And I would not let such a mistake end my mission


You are not welcome here

I am the keeper of my time

The king of destiny in which is mine

A smile appeared, enveloping the fear that leaked from soul

Today, I make a stand



I am death

There is no escaping the grasp of my clutch

For I am the end of all

Even god himself will one day be mine


He lunged at me, floating with immense speed

A black cloud of heat and hatred

It reached towards me, attempting just a touch

A fateful touch

I felt the heat of a thousand suns touch me

Burning my insides till there was nothing but boiling entrails

Blood fell from my eyes, evaporating on contact

Hair that once laid on my head, incinerated from the fiery cloud

My body only being held together by the will of my ancestors


I felt him touch my soul, and grasp

He pulled on it, and I could feel his desperation

His hunger for my essence

But the desperate attempt confirmed my thoughts

He had made a mistake of challenging a man

A man who was not finished with his work

I screamed a scream

A scream of pure retaliation


A blue light exploded from deep  within me

It was ancient and pure

Yet it did not burn

There was no heat

Only light


You may one day take me

For that is the nature of life

But I now control that destiny

And you must bow to me

I am the decider and you are merely a factor

Be gone and leave me to my duties


He disappeared without a trace

I awoke to a bright smile

The sun warmed me

A beautiful day







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