Life Of Death. Pt1 of 6

Gentle was his touch, as usual, a simple flick of the wrist. There was no need for any force. There never was, actually. It was a simple act, in fact; though most in this certain position thought otherwise. Most would meddle in self preservation, leaning on a self preservation that they never existed. One in which was past on from there ancestors, lost threw years of progress of humanity. A primal urge that left no rationality to the host, leaving the mind in complete disarray, regressing towards the mind set that there ancestors had before them. Survival. An interesting idea, he thought to himself. Death is universal, and yet, this humanity fought till there was nothing left. And fought some more. But no one could escape the touch he brought, no matter how hard they pleaded and cried, Death himself, was the keeper of there time on this earth.

He often pondered the idea of mortality. An idea of such fragility, one in which that focused on completing a life fulfilled, with the idea that said life, was unlived. Seeking the rising of the sun, and welcoming the falling with joy. Such an interesting proposition for him. Welcoming life day to day. Not worrying of the coming demise of your precious ego driven life.

“Peace” he chuckled under his breath. Amusement filled his stomach, reaching a depth that only a portion of his soul remembered. He reached towards the unknown feeling without thought, touching belly to hand as he sat in an innocent kind of bewilderment.

“This feels familiar.” Thought an extinct voice… though its origins were long forgotten.


Violently, his hand shook. Shaking with a tremendous fury, as sparks of light flew through the air, spraying the air with threads of dis-conjoined pieces of soul. Heat began to fill the cool breeze in the small courtyard, awakening the small creatures that filled the underlying dirt. The heat invading every inch of his being, warming the cold that laid deep below his skin.

He quite enjoyed this part.

Within an instance the aging grey haired women fell limp to the ground. Her soul captured in his essence, becoming saved till her judgement came. He watched as the lifeless vessel began to shake, convulsing as there was no life left to control the withering body. But he knew this would end shortly. The body was a magnificent vessel, yet worthless with out a soul to guide it. He could sense others around the small park panic, and race towards the collapsed elder.

A light gust approached him as he began to retreat from the crowd, sending his black robe twirling around him. The gust began to intensify as his garment came to life, swaying with the breeze, exposing his pale skin. Hollowed veins raced across the bare flesh, showing signs of a life once lived. His eyes greyed from a millinia of taking lives beyond this world, staring into a blank haze that frightened even himself. As the sun awoke in the sky, his lifeless eyes began to burn with a fiery red blaze, engulfing him a heatless flame. He wanted to scream but nothing came out of his rotted mouth, only when he closed his eyes did the flames subside. Though no one could see, he vanished from this world, escaping to the place he called home. He wanted to embrace the cool nothingness of this place; as he often did, but the soul in his possession burned inside him, pleading to escape. Knowing that she needed to go to her judgement, he changed his course to the place beyond even this realm.



*Note* Part 1 of 6 in a short series that ive been working on about the character that is death.


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