An Autumn Day



A cold, brisk wind brushed against my bare skin, tempting the unseen hairs behind my neck to stand in its graceful movement across the open field.

An audible exertion escaped my lungs, traveling out to meet the cold air, only to return in a quickened haste.

A solemn peace fell over the browning valley, as harmony regained its hold against the invisible force. Doing its best to give sight to all, scattering the brittle remnants of once budding young saplings in a sea of the retreating life below.

Beautiful music caught me in my awe, awakening me from my soulful silence. Notes danced off the echo creating hills that surrounded me. Filling my ears with a lullaby to sweet for this world.

A love song intended for a suitable partner. Perfectly practiced by the young robin; knowing that it could mean the difference between creating a new chain in its blood line, or another year of patient waiting.

It danced along a tired branch of an aspen, looking only into the wild soul of the rose colored female. Though the autumn breeze battered against the tiny creature, his patient practice showed off in full display. Slowly projecting his heart with every coordinated step of his routine.

A crease extended from my dried lips, as the eye of his desire flew graciously away, leaving him alone once more. Perfect was this metaphor as my sight began once more to observe the soothing silence. Two sides of nature constantly battling for ground, some of the time joining together, yet all to not, colliding in a cosmic beauty.

For a second, a surge flowed me. Enveloping my soul in a fiery embrace, unnerving my silence. It provoked something deep within that did not match the comfort of this small isolated peace of earth. Instead burned from the inside out.

In an instance I was two sides of an old proverb. One lost in time, only to surface in my odd hour of confusion. Two sides of yin and yang. An ocean meeting a soft sandy beach, two forces battling in life long embrace.

And then I was calm. A mere buffer between two forces.

Once again the scenic land came alive in an array of brown and burnt red. And I was silent.

A perfect day in an autumn field.

An awakened soul.

A heaven meant for all.






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