The Awkward Single Father


Laughter filled the air

The children ran with a simple ease

Laughing at imaginary figures

Chasing the leader of a fantastical story of a game


I spaced the time away

Soaking in sunshine

As I wasted the day away on the empty bench

Caring not for the strenuous week of the past


But a patter of footsteps interrupted my solitude

A joyous laughter burst behind me

He laughed as he saw new friends in which to play

Truly in joy at the sight of others his size


I watched as the new child to the group stumbled in excitement

My son greeted him

Inviting him to shield the slide from the newly appointed bad guys

Laughing as they ran full steam towards there posts


The next moment my bench of solitude was greeting another

A ray of sunshine smiling as she said hello

I tried my best not show my nervousness

And said a simple hello


We sat in silence for a brief moment

Taking in the young ones laughter

Watching the pirate slides being defended from the invisible foe

As the sunlight shone brightly on the little piece of nirvana


My heart began to skip a beat as she glanced my direction

I made a simple attempt to meet this beautys gaze

Only to be foiled by a cry for juice

Delaying my approach

And I made my move


Hello I said once more

A bright smile greeted me

One that made my head spin with nerves

Such beauty I thought to my self


We exchanged simple pleasantry’s

Laughed at the stumbles of the small pirates

Talked briefly on the beauty of the day

And smiled at the newly found understanding of our situation


For a moment I was lost in this strangers eyes

Blue emeralds gleamed in the sunlight

Blonde hair flowed with the soft wind

A laugh that sent a shiver through me


But the moment of surreal bliss was coming to an end

I knew the time had passed quickly and nap time approached

For the pirates began to fight over territory

Pushing for dominance of the slide


The moment of truth I thought to myself

Now or never or never to be seen again

I gulped with anticipation as I told her of my dilemma

Saying my time here was done


I attempted to speak but to no avail

Only a simple goodbye was all that came out

She smiled and returned the notion

My throat dropped


In shame I hung my head as I called for my pirate

Wallowing in my shyness

I smiled and made him say goodbye to the beautiful women

She giggled as she returned the notion


As I walked away it was not saddness of the missed oppurtunity

There was a sense of pride

I had communicated with a fair women

And done my best given the sporadic moment of it all


For what is a single father to do

When the main aspect in life is runny nose toddler

But to not take a leap and give it a go

So the brief talk with a angel was that of a gift

Showing me that the old man’s still got it


Awkwardness in all





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