Seven Deadly Sins. Lust.

This is a piece I have been pondering for quite some time now. It will explore the Seven Deadly Sins, through short stories. Through the actions and consequences of each character. Thank you for reading and enjoy! 



The light sparkled through his weary eyes. Blinding him with a magnificent hue of bland familiarity. A sea of swirls blocked his vision, as he wiped away the restless sleep from his eyes. With a half-hearted attempt, he slipped out of the grasp of his warm sheets, and made haste towards the bathroom. A routine he knew all to well.

His wife greeted him with an array of juices and fruits, as he made his way towards the kitchen table. For a moment he couldn’t help but stare at her. Life had taken its toll on the beauty he once knew. Standing from the edge of the hallway; in their cozy ranch home, he attempted to recognize the women he fell in love with, all those years ago. There were pictures that lined the small hallway; ones that depicted there lives, one image at a time. At the end, hung one of their wedding day. A young women stood in her wedding dress, glowing with the love of pure joy. Her long dark hair flowed unto the white gown, glistening from the suns accepting rays. She was one of a kind, but the years had worn his love for her and he wanted so badly to travel back to the time when they were both happy. His eyes drifted from the photograph back to her. She wore her gown that she had worn everyday, for the past 20 years. A loose fitted nightgown, with faded flowers, gave an impression of child wearing his fathers shirt. The flowing angelic hair that he remembered from his wedding day, had thickened into a mess of knots and showed signs of her age. Gray had began sprouting through and he wondered when his head would turn into that of his grandfathers. Her beauty was everlasting, defying the standards of time that most succumb to, but his eyes had grown accustomed. He loved her deeply; yet longed for a deeper connection. A connection that would put a spark back into his lifeless body. With every ounce of energy, he forced his love to remain intact for the women he knew he still cared deeply for. But with every passing day his efforts were crumbled by the sands of time.

The rest of the morning carried on as usual. Breakfast, then shower, dress for work, and a kiss from the misses before he headed towards the traffic jam. A routine that carried him everyday. He thought of it as an assistant, one that wouldn’t let his mind wander into the unknown. For he didn’t care much for not knowing. And prefered his schedule to remain the same, day in and day out. It helped him cope with a life he wished he had not chosen, all those years ago. He had done everything right. Bought a house, married a beautiful women, and landed a stable job. But he craved something that his soul begged for. Something he had no idea of. Only a craving.

The day passed without a change in routine. 8 hours of his day, that he had lived for years, continued the same. In fact, it was getting harder for him to remember what he did during the day.  The small details slowly faded from his memory with every passing second.

He left early that day. Following friends from work to the local pub. He didn’t care to drink but on this day, he decided to think otherwise. Choosing to indulge in whiskey, rather than a long drive home. The brown liquid burned his lips as he forced it into the back of his throat. Wincing as he found courage to finish it off. The pain didn’t last, as his chest grew with warmth. He could feel the weight of life slowly fading from his body with every sip. Years of unwanted stress, slowly faded from him.

Time passed slowly for him. He made jokes with his coworkers, and listened to stories only a bar could tell. Tales of debauchery and love lost soothed his mind. He never understood why, but he enjoyed hearing others talk of the adventures they had lived. Perhaps he had become a little envious of a life well-traveled. One by one the run down tavern began to empty. Souls content with their impaired souls, returned to wherever they came from in a joyous manner. But he kept at it. Alone on his beaten down bar stool, he continued his search for the void inside him. Replacing darkness with sweet shots of heaven. The burn had faded with each passing swig and he was becoming accustomed to the harshness.

He stared at his phone for a good while. Pondering on whether to call home and explain him absence. She would be furious when showed up drunk, but he hadn’t cared at this point. The phone flipped through his fingers as he toyed with the idea of not calling, when he decided it better to cross that road when he gets there. Quietly he sighed, and returned it to his coat pocket. His head sagged with empathy as he stared at the empty glass in front of him. Then she came in.

A women created from marble, chiseled by the gods themselves, found her way into the old watering hole. Cold air followed her in towards the bar, creating a gust of perfume that spread throughout the musky air. It seemed to have sucked the sorrow from the place out with a crisp scent of heaven. Her heels clicked the cold stone below, as she made her way in. Creating a sound that demanded attention. She swayed like a ship in the ocean as she approached the bar. Her hips carved through the air, cutting through it with ease. Long brown hair was parted to the side. It flowed down her arm like a magnet, never straying to far from its original place. For a moment she paused and surveyed the room, until she found a spot, next to him.

He tried not to stare, as she made her way closer and closer. But her beauty was something to behold and he could not resist. The closer she got the better of an image he could see. Her face was worn from years in the sun, but she still had a glow that lit brightly. Her smile was cocked ever so slightly as she saw his wonder. One that would make the devil blush, and God shy. She was an angel, and by the looks of it, she knew it. The stool seemed to move on its own as she sat down next to him. Sliding away with the presence of her beauty.

Her glance at him nearly knocked him out of his stool. A fierce yet loving smile took him off guard and his tongue was about to be swallowed by his nervous stomach, until she spoke. “I’ll have what he’s having.” She told the bartender.

His nerves seemed to fade as a small amount of confidence crept back into him. One in which he knew he shouldn’t invite, but the feeling was too nostalgic to pass up. “Put it on my tab.” He said as he motioned toward the man pouring a shot. There eyes met as he looked back towards her. “The names Gerald.”

“Well thank you kindly, Gerald.” She said with a smile. “You can call  me Amy.”

The two talked for hours, drinking their weight in whiskey as they went along. His conscious knew better to be acting on such impure thoughts, but something inside him had been sparked. A spark that he thought was lost in time. It was something about her, he thought to himself. Something that was drawing him in with every second that passed. At first he thought it was her sheer beauty. He thought he was smitten but as the time went by, he realized it was something completely different. Some unknown force acting upon them in that old bar. And yet he could not find what it was, nor did he care. It was pure and he chose to relish in it.

As the night wore on, the implications began to grow. What had started as a series of flirts and fake laughs, had turned into something more primal. He could feel her warmth as she crept closer to him, invading his bubble. Could feel her breath as she spoke sweat nothings towards him. What was he thinking? He asked himself. Wondering what was actually happening. He surely wouldn’t leave with the women and would be headed home shortly. But something inside me had different ideas. Suddenly the lights flickered back to life, as the closing minutes were just beyond reach. Exposing the darkness of the place. As the lights came on, he could see her clearly now, and the light only exposed more beauty. A coy smile came to her as she awaited his next move.

For a second he contemplated leaving with her. Letting go of his responsibilities and duties to the women he had been grown with all those years. The women who had loved him throughout his darkest days, even when he wasn’t loyal. A few encounters at the beginning had nearly torn them apart. Yet she stuck in with him, and it only made their love stronger. And he had promised that he would stay faithful till the day he died. That is, until this beautiful women had sat next to him. He thought otherwise and with a quick motion, reached for his phone to call home. Even though he knew he would get an earful.

It was almost as if it had floated for a moment. Hovering from the grasp of his hand. The phone made a loud clink when it reached into the half empty glass, spraying watered down tonic across the wooden bar. Profanity spewed from his mouth as he watched his phone drown in the liquid. Cursing himself as embarrassment covered his face. Only to be intensified by the laughter of the women who had been standing behind him. In that moment his inhibitions escaped him. Flushing from his mind like a tidal wave washing away loose debris on a beach. Perhaps it was the whiskey, or maybe even his malcontent of his life, but he knew in that moment that he no longer cared. No longer held down by a conscious who pleaded not to be turned away. As if reading his thoughts, the women graced his arm, holding it with a passionate grip. He didn’t turn to look at her, just merely acknowledge the action. “Would you mind escorting me home?” She asked with innocence. He responded with a drawn out nod. Extenuating his uncertainty, but allowing his excitement to beam through.

They did not speak much, as they awaited for there cab. He thought his heart my give out before it arrived. It pumped heavy in his chest, as she snuggled up to him with every passing second. The trepidation from before had passed and he was running on a carnal instinct at this point of the night. Not a thought of his life at home had surfaced. Pushed away to the darkest parts of his mind. The yellow cab arrived and he held the door for her. The smell of her sweet perfume radiated into his senses and she leaned in. Before he made his way into the car, he glanced back at the bar. Pondering for a brief second what he was doing. What he was about to do. But the instinctual women grabbed for him, and he left his conscious right there on the sidewalk.

When the door closed, she gave the man up front an address and they were soon traveling down the road. The city lights flashed through the windows, creating a light show that flashed brilliant neon colors. Blues and purples rushed by with dazzling clarity. He was lost in the colors, until a hand was placed on his cheek. She drew his head towards hers, creating a primal urge between the two of them. She paused just inches from his lips. “Are you sure you want this?” She asked him, noticing the empty finger from where his wedding ring had been placed.

He thought of the women he had married, and his mind drifted toward their wedding day. He had made vows to stay faithful and had broken them in the past. And now he was willing to force the same mistakes on himself that had haunted him for years. The amount of pain it had brought her was unbearable at points. But the frequency of his life had been turned into a dull hum. And he yearned for the volume to increase. Unable to speak, he simply nodded. Knowing the mistake he was about to make. Not caring in the least.

The women stared at him, taking in his ragged eyes. Surveying his face, as if looking for something inside him. He waited till he couldn’t wait any longer, and reached for her. Locking onto her lips, tasting the honey from the drink she had earlier. They were sweet and luscious to his. Sending shivers up and down his spine, causing him to want her even more. He grabbed her neck and pulled her in closer, till the two of them were stuck together. Bonded with drunk passion. A sharp pain suddenly ran up his arms. A frightful shot of heat coursed through his veins, causing him to jump in his seat with surprise. As his body slammed against the door, he looked down towards his hands and saw something that made his heart skip a few beats. Black ooze had been replacing the color in his veins. Spreading from his fingers all the way to the top of his shoulder. The heat intensified as it moved towards his chest. Invading his lungs with smoke and ash. He could feel steam bellow from his throat as he attempted to breath. But was unable to do so. His vision became blurred as he looked around for the women. She hadn’t moved, and to his surprise, hadnt even flinched. She was smiling. Her beautiful face had turned into one of horror in the matter of seconds, and he thought his mind to be playing tricks on him. But the thought vanished as his entire body felt like it was about to burst. A darkness was creeping into him as he began to shake. Every muscle in his body was turning against him. Before the darkness overtook him, he spoke to the women who was now smiling an evil smile. “Wh-why?” He said with his last breath.”

“O Gerald. You’ll find out shortly. Nighty night.” She said sarcastically. He could tell the women who radiated beauty just moments before had turned into something nasty. His skin would have crawled at the sight of her, but his eyes closed instead. Unable to fight whatever it was that was in him, he let himself turn off.



The sky was darker than night. A void that sucked in the air around him. Blight flashes danced across the empty sky, hinting at the power up above. Crashing into the silence with a thunderous boom, that danced through his entire being. A cold drop of rain awoke him, flushing out the weariness he carried. He was up in age but he sprung to his feet with a timid grace. He barely noticed his stumble as he attempted to straighten himself. His mind was busy racing back to the moment before he fell asleep. Nothing came to mind, except the women in the black dress. The only memory was him kissing her, and how pure it felt.

He was brought back when the sky erupted once again with fury. Spraying light across the darkness. He looked around him and saw what he thought must have been a dream. The boat swayed back and forth, tumbling with ocean below. Waves as tall as building hurdled the small wooden boat upwards, and receding back down below the giant recessions. Water spewed over the sides, washing away the debris of the last. Above raged a massive storm that began to pelt the topside with heavy rain. It dug into his skin, sending shivers up his back. The wind dragged the rain sideways, exposing his face to the torrential down pour. A chaotic scene to someone who hadn’t the faintest idea of where he was. He searched frantically for shelter, and found it in the form of a tiny door, in the middle of the boat. He made an attempt to race towards it, but was flung across the deck, and collided with the rotted wood that kept some of the invading water out. A loud pop echoed through the storm, as his back connected with a tremendous force.

He screamed in pain. Called out to see if anyone was there, if anyone could help him. But no one answered. The only response was the chaos that ensued around him. For a moment he laid on the cold, wet deck. Pondering how in the world he got here, and how to escape this hellish scene. He awaited until feeling had returned to his legs, and made a break for the door. He caught the handle as the boat began to sway once more, and entered the tiny room, that sunk below the small vessel. With the last of his effort, he slammed the door behind him and collapsed on floor behind him. Unable to cope with what was taking place. And he passed out once again.

He awoke to the cold wooden floor. It creaked with the motion of the rustic old boat. Swaying from one side to the next. He wondered how he had stayed in that position the entire time he was asleep. Then the idea of where he was slapped him across the face. He was not sleeping, no. He was on a boat. But how was he out in the middle of the ocean? His mind raced to find an answer but nothing came. At least the memory of what happened the night at the bar was beginning to come back. A tear came to his eye as he realized what he was about to do on that night. How could he do that to the women he had given his entire life to. The thought caught him and began to weep on the floor. Emotions of guild, and shame spread through him like wildfire, until he was choking for air.

He collected what left of himself he had left to venture out of the small room. It was only the size of a closet, and housed a single bed. The lack of space was closing in on him, so he decided to check out the surroundings on the outside of the small thing. He opened the door and was greeted with a familiar scene. One in which the god chaos would be proud of. The sky lit into existence as he stepped out onto the deck.

Through the rain that fell sideways he noticed something on the other side. A figure, that stood at the edge, stared at him. Unwavering. It was a person, he thought to himself. “Hey! HELLO?!” He screamed as loud as he possibly could. But the figure merely stared back at him, without a single word. He was beginning to believe he was stuck in a dream. One in which he would live out the rest of his days in sorrow. I deserve it, his mind told himself. For what I did to her.

As the sky erupted with fury, the figure began to take a step toward him. With a flick of her wrist, the chaos around the tiny boat, ceased. The waves that were once the size of homes, subsided into splashes on the beach. The violence above; that reeked havoc a moment before, cleared the way for blue skies. The sun shone through, illuminating the surrounding ocean around them. He watched in horror as a single gesture from the figure halted the natural order things. Seemingly controlling the uncontrollable.

The sun gave way to the women known as Amy. She glided across the wet deck with ease, stepping over pieces that had broken off during the storm. His heart sunk deep into his chest as he caught a glimpse of the evil smile he had witnessed in the cab. “What have you done to me!?” He screamed at her as she made her way towards him. “No more! Take me home!” He pleaded.

She smiled as he pleaded. “O Gerald. I can’t do that. Besides, why would I?” Her footsteps were hollow on the deck. Giving the impression that she was walking on water. He was about to begin his plea once more, when she waved her hand again. His body crumpled as she flung him across the dock like a leaf in the wind. Another pop echoed through the air when his body connected with the side wall. A gasp came from his throat when he tried to suck in a breath, and being horrified when he couldn’t. Through the hardship of taking his next breath, he realized she hadn’t stopped her path and was heading towards him.

“Please…. I beg of you. Please let me go home.” He said in agony.

“NO!” She shouted. “You through your home away when you stepped in that cab with me. Your lust has blinded you from the love you had there.” She was now standing over him. Inching closer and closer to the shriveled up man, clinging to life on the side of a run down boat.

“Who are you?” He said nervously.

“O you don’t know me?” She said sarcastically. “I go by many names. You know me by the word Lust. A creator of passion so to speak. A demon of ill-fated choices. And I have come to you. To make you pay for the choices you have made!” She screamed. Slamming her hands on either side of the frightened man.

Her beautiful face and black dress faded and exposed the demon within. A hollowed out skull, meshed together with flesh and blood. Her body shook uncontrollably but she seemed to be able to stand as a rock does on a solid surface. The hands of the monster dug into the wood like butter, bleeding black as they dug further into the side of the boat. She was breathing heavily onto him, when he noticed the hate in her hollowed eyes. Passion raged inside her and he was on the losing end of that particular stick. “Please! It’ll never happen again, I swears it.” He said with a sob to his voice.

Her laugh cackled through his bones as she cocked her head back. “We’ll see about that!” She exclaimed. With the swing of her frail arm, she connected to the side of his head, sending him flying towards the other side once again. His head snapped as he caught a wooden beam. contoring his spine in an unnatural way. He could feel the darkness coming back and was about to take him when she appeared in front of him. “Welcome to your trial. I must warn you… you will want to die before this is all said and done.” She said with her demonic laugh echoing through her voice.”I either your redemption or your Death. It is up to you in the end.” And with that she was gone. Into mid-air, she vanished, bringing with it the storm of chaos once more. He knew he had to get to the room before he passed out, and made a feeble attempt to crawl the few feet he needed to.  Every inch of his body screamed as he drug himself across the rotted wood. Splinters shot through him with every inch he gained. With a final attempt he reached for the knob and entered the room. Falling flat once he did. As soon as the door slammed shut he was asleep.

His neck creaked as he attempted to sit up. Not wanting to open his eyes for fear that his reality was still true, he brushed them furiously. As if to change his surroundings. Instead a different sight greeted him. One in which was more implausible than the day before. On the bed sat the women he had married all those years ago. Dressed in the gown she had worn the last time they spoke. He hadn’t realized how comforting that shirt was until now. Her was put into a ponytail, as it swayed naturally with boat. With all his effort he rose to his feet, grabbing the overhanging beam for support. He was about to approach her until she spoke. “YOU DID THIS! YOU’RE A LIAR AND A BASTARD!” Her voice began to rise higher and higher with every letter she said. “CHEATER! LIAR!”

“Honey please… forgive me!” He said as he began to cry.

“NEVER!” Her body began to quiver ferociously. Shaking the small bed as a child does when they throw a tantrum. But this was no tantrum. “LIES, ALL LIES! I HATE YOU!” Her face had begun to grow the color of blood. A dark hazy hue engulfed her eyes. Filling the once gentle color of baby blues, into ones of pure hate. He could feel the hate coming for her and attempted to step forward.

He screamed as the women he had married, burst into flashes of bright light. Her worn gown caught flame and engulfed the women on the bed. Spreading like wildfire across her skin. He was frozen, unable to help her. Watching in horror as she ignited into a ball of flame, horrifically screaming. But not in pain, she screamed at him. He wanted to scream but for the life of him could not do so. She did not move from her spot and it seemed the surrounding area was not catching the flames. Only the women he loved was on fire. He watched her scream until there was nothing left to scream out of.

It hadn’t taken long but the moment felt like eternity. Only when she was done smoldering was he allowed to move. But he stayed. His eyes unsure if his mind had made the entire scene up. Yet judging by the putrid smell, he knew this not to be a dream. Uncontrollably, he began to weep.

In an instant he was topside. His hands still in his face, crying. Shocked, he looked around. Not sure what he was looking at, or for. When suddenly he was being called upon once more.

His wife sat on the edge of boat, crying. He couldn’t tell if it was gratitude for her well-being, or confusion blocking his mind. Regardless, there she was. Not a scratch on her. His jaw dropped at the sight of her and he wanted to rush to hug her. But could not. Frozen once more.


He had begun crying again. “Please make it stop! I am so sorry babe. Please forgive me.” He said as he watched her start shaking like before.

“NEVER! BURN IN HELL! DIE!” Her face ran red with blood once again. He was in disbelief of what he was witnessing. The moment before was the worst thing he had ever witnessed, and he was frightened he would see it again. But this time she pulled out a knife. “AM I NOT PRETTY ENOUGH FOR YOU!?” She screamed, holding the knife up to her face. “HOW ABOUT NOW?!?” She dug the blade into her cheek, as blood oozed from the wound.

The horror of the situation was unbearable. But he was forced to watch. Unable to move a muscle, or even look away. She carved chunks of skin from her face, over and over until her body fell limp to the deck. Blood sprayed across the wood when she hit an artery, ultimately causing her death.

He crumpled once he was released from whatever it was that was holding him. Unable to think he curled up in a ball once again. Weeping tears of sorrow.

Within an instant he awoke on the bed. Shooting off the sheets with furious motion, scanning the room to see what hell awaited him. But there was nothing. Only the sway of the boat. He felt something inside him break, as the tears seized to flow any longer. His breath was hard, but steady as he considered what do. But there was nothing left. This was his hell, but something inside him hadn’t given in. He wondered what it must feel like to give way to death. How pleasant it would feel against his torn soul. Instead his worn body began to move uncontrollably and he witnessed himself heading for the door. Nothing but his eyes could move, as his body was not in control.

The door gave way to a familiar sight. Rain poured with fury, and the sky barked. Chunks of wood flew through the air with every pounding they received from the waves that crashed into it. Once again she was there. Screaming.

For what seemed like months, he lived the same hell. She would appear, only to scream hauntingly and die a horrific death in front of him. A thousand different ways she died, but her words stayed to the same. Words filled with hate and agony.

He could feel himself give in on the final day. As the last string that clung to hope caught fire and tore through him with a vengeance. Whatever idea of escape he had, vanished in an instant. She stood over him as he laid in bed. Screaming into his soul with every ounce of hate she had. A knife clung from her stomach, as drops of fiery blood dripped on his chest. Cursing him with every breath. She pulled the knife from her body and screamed. “DIE! I HATE YOU! SELFISH BASTARD! DIE!” He watched as she slid the knife inside her, causing her face to grimace. Only to pull it out, spraying blood over his face. Then once more, she slid it back in. Over and over until her hands became weak, and she crumbled. To his surprise, he was able to move before she died. He quickly sprung up from the bed and reached for her as she curled into a ball. With whatever amount of energy he had left, he held her lifeless body. Rocking back and forth on the cold, blood stained floor. With what he thought to be his last breath, he spoke to the women he had loved for many years.

Softly he spoke,”I am so sorry, my love. You never deserved this and yet I deserve every second of this hell. I ashamed of myself and wish to die. For there is no life worth living, without you in it. You will always be the love of my life, and I hope someday…. that I might be able to show you.” With the last word he collapsed onto her. Giving way to the darkness he knew to be death. Before the final breath, he leaned into her, and kissed her forehead. Succumbing to death and the silence it would bring.


It was a space, more than that of a room. The women he knew to be Lust stood a mere couple of feet away, glaring him down with intense fury. Her hollowed eyes sucking in the last of his soul that remained. The devilish smile he had come to know had long been forgotten, replaced with a disterned look. Filled with malconent and hate towards him. “You suprised me.” She said scornfully. She moved closer and closer towards him till he could feel her lifeless breath. “I was proven wrong.” She said before she placed a single finger upon his forhead.


He stood at the edge of the hallway, as he glanced at their wedding photo. She looked beautiful, just as he always imagined. The photo had become ingrained in his mind, but looking at the photo still brought back butterfly’s. For a moment he smiled, staring at the picture. Only to come to when he heard her call for him to come get his breakfast. She spun from the kitchen as she set down the juices and fruits, and he wanted to weep. Her beauty exploded into his heart, when she gave him a crooked smile. The gown with the faded flowers, flowed through the air with a playful joy. It sent shivers up his spine. Without a word he raced towards her and took her into his arms. Embracing her touch. He smelled her hair and smelled the sweet lavender he was accustomed to. A scent that brought memories of joy and love. She tried to pull away but his embrace was to strong Instead she returned the favor and squeezed him back. It was only until she noticed him crying that she snuck out of his grip. Without a word she reached for his cheek and wiped the lone tear from his face. They stared in silence as he witnessed her for the first time, in a long time. “I will love you. Until the day I die.”




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