The Man In The Suit.

The engine belched the song he had come to enjoy. A frightening echo that spread through the souls walking along side, growling as the Cadillac came to a stop. The old metal behemoth purring as it awaited its next action. For it was proud of its existence. One in which carried the souls of men.

He let his foot dangle for the briefest of moments, as he laid eyes on the life surrounding him. Beautiful creatures, pacing through the motions, not knowing of the minutes that lay ahead. He envied the living. Such graceful beings and yet ones with no sense of the great beyond. Black leather boots met the cold concrete below with a graceful touch. Guiding the old man out into the light of day. The sun was alive that day, beating down on the busy side walk, giving heat to the other wise cold of winter.

The door behind him cried as he slammed it shut. Belowing a longing for its master. An adjustment was needed to his black suit, as he rid the crumples from his waist. He examined himself before setting a light pace down the street. His envy of the living was growing as of late, perhaps he was losing what little he had left. A calm grace was about him. Following every step the old man took. Leading him down a road he knew would end with a rotten stench.


She was beautiful. Blonde hair strolled out of her head and cascaded down her back, flowing like a rose in the wind. A smile came to her, in which the heavens could be seen. So innocent, yet dangerous to the men who pursed her grace. Her dress was something of a tale from long ago. Shaping the body and covering the silked skin beneath with a wonderlust of carnal beauty. If he had breath left in his lungs, he knew it would certianly escape the already voided lungs inside him.


He paused. Staring from the road across from the angel. A man grazed his shoulder as he scurried to a path unknown. Not noticing the tall pale man whom he would encounter in just a few years. The ignorance of man was something to behold he thought to himself. Yet he did not acknowledge him, only grazing his sight through the corner of dead eyes. Ones filled with a haze of a past life, many ions ago.


His hesitation waned as he set one foot in front of the other. Each move deliberately placed against the asphalt beneath him. The street was chaos around him as he approached the young women. The cars were blaring and the children were crying as he forged through the mortal world. Then it stopped. The sky thickened with a black ash as he caught the eye of the women. Motion ceased in the world, yet the two of them still in motion.


She knew him. From a distant past perhaps. He could tell as he stood feet from her. Gazing into eyes he thought were only accepted in the creatures of heaven. “Its time” he spoke softly. His words carried through the air with thunder and exploded into lightening. Words that must be guarded, to only the ones whom were appointed. To many and the earth would crumble around them. A surprise rushed through his cold veins, stopping him in his tracks. She simply nodded. He reached out his lifeless hand, a gesture none before would accept. Yet she grabbed the hand with a warmth he had never felt. The world around them was motionless, until the two hands touched. Beginning once more without a thought to be held. She watched, as a young boy, vanished through her, only to be seen on the other side. A small grin came to her as she whispered the mans name. “Death”


The engine purred its nasty song. Demons creeping from the exhaust as they laughed at the world around them. Death came for all and yet all the men of this earth feared the expiration date of there beings. Most begging for more time that would never come, delaying the inevitable transition. He had come to realize that it was not fear they cried out, but saddness in leaving the ones whom they loved dearly. A compassion not easily found throughout the universe. They wallowed as he touched the warmth of there skin, and froze with icy touch. A shock came to them as they peered into his lifeless eyes. A sudden wonder as they viewed the man that came for all.


He turned his mirror to the women in the back seat. Gazing at her beauty once more. She had no fear. No hate of him or even a ounce of regret. The eyes of heaven began to fade as she sat peacefully on the old leather seat. A seat that had ushered an infinite amount of souls to there next reality. Yet now it seemed as if the slate was clean. For he had an angel in his carriage.


“Do you enjoy your work?” She asked kindly. Not wavering her posture as she spoke to the old man. He simply nodded, not wanting to attach himself. His job had no orders but he knew not to break the course of nature. Not detach himself from destiny. He was the keeper of the gate between two worlds, making him humble, even with a harmful name tag.

She reached over the seat and put her soft hand upon his shoulder, just as he did to her moments before. “Do you know what it all means? Have you ever pondered the job you have been given? ” He nodded once more. Unsure of her line of questioning.

“There is a reason you were given this position so many years ago. One in which carried the pain of all. A purpose for the entirety of the human race. Do you know of what i speak?” Her voice remained calm. A loving echo came from beneath a tone of serenity.


He paused. Not knowing what to make of the strange women, whom was asking odd questions. Baffled, he pulled the car into drive, as a black cloud blew behind the rusty old car. He was about to drive away when her laugh caught him. Freezing him with a force unknown to him.

“Please. Tell me what it means. What have you learned from your duties?” Her soft voice was there, yet it had more authority than before.

He stared at the women. Wanting to tell a story as old as time, yet unable to speak the words. Instead, he remembered a vision from his childhood. His mother, smiling upon him with love unmatched in nature. Kissing his forehead as he strolled into the meadow. A A warmth arose inside his chest, he knew the answer yet could not usher the words to his mouth. But he knew one. One in which overpowered all the rest. He nodded at the women, knowing her true form now. An angel. He hadnt known why he was called to her, or why she was sitting with the a man that brought fear to all. But he knew the answer to her question. “Please, dont be afraid. This is merely a test of faith.” She spoke quietly, trying to not force his words. “Your post has come to an end. A turning of guard. Yet before we turn a new leaf, you must answer my question. It is time for you to return home.” She stared at him with love through the mirror.

He hadnt stared away from the women in the mirror. He wanted to cry but did not know how to. But he knew the answer. The great question to life, and death. What it meant. Why it was so important.

He smiled, exposing a childish grin. He nodded and spoke quietly, not wanting to upset natures orders. What was home? He thought to himself before he spoke. A distant memory perhaps. One of his mother. Perhaps they would meet once more. “Love.” He said.

The angel smiled. Through countless centurys of pain and death, there was always a common line. They always saw it towards the end. Death is necessary. It brings love to life.


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