The Fight

The night fell with a graceful bliss.

Blanketing the soft ground below.

A moonlit glow sparkled from the fall.

Canvassing the view from the window.


I strained as I attempted to relate.

My eyes widening at the sight of beauty.

A skip of my heart caught me.

Stopping the enjoyment I felt.


A corner of me was trapped.

Caught in between an internal battle.

One in which there seemed no hope.

Both sides eradicating each other into the abyss.


I thought you were gone.

Erased from my being like a cold.

But you owned front row property.

As I struggled for a place to rest.


Ive battled you for years.

Giving you my sanity.

Destroying my body.

To rid you.


Yet through the years youve become a friend.

One which a bond was formed.

You showed me the darkness.

Now the light is breath taking.


The gutter I slept in for you was low.

Damp and unsuitable for a boy.

When I climbed out I saw joy.

In an otherwise sad place.


You destroyed me.

But im still here.

Still fighting a battle that has beaten me.

But im still here.


A sliver of hope still beams inside me.

Pushing back hell at the doorstep.

You will never win.

My last breath will be yours.

Until then.

I will still be here.

Fighting you till were both bloodied.

Beating you into the corner where I lay.

And you will know.

I may be broken.

But Im still here.






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