Through The Fog

Awakening from a distant land, shooting back into existence with a fiery trail of a lost world.

Coming to, as if I was lead away from a glorious retribution.

A fog once again shadowed by every thought, controlling my entire being.

This place is one of a familiar sense, a smell of home and yet, a stench of hatred.

I open my eyes to find the haze still intruding into my mind.

An unwelcome guest that shows mercy to no one, not even its own.

Corralling the last hope of an escape into the light, punishing the vibrations that long so deeply to be in tune.

Sitting up right, I stare down into the palms of sweaty hands, shaking.

An uncontrollable urge to let pain escape through a violent outburst.

A silent sigh is all that is managed.

The fog that follows once again, has risen along side my aching body.

Latching a claw into my psyche, gripping with relentless pressure.

As I sit in silence, tears stream down.

Overwhelming sensations power through the haze, releasing a light of a single flame.

Gloom suddenly transformed into a silent downpour.

Laughter makes my spine cringe, as I mock the conditions that flurry inside.

A simple gesture.

As I have written a contract for the devil.

Gave my soul away to an unknown darkness.

I spit at the grave of the devil.

For hope gives light to darkness.

And the devil try as he might, can not grasp the hope I hold deep within.

I hold that power.

To awaken, and push through the desolate fog.

Pushing the depression away.

The battle may be won, but the war makes men of us all.




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