A Memory

The memory caught me

Through the chest

A burst of destruction

Bringing me back


The hood of the car

Hours watching in silence

Stars with our names spread across the sky

Two heartbeats beating together



I was just a awkward mess of a boy

Stumbling through love without a clue

Was lost in words that I did not understand

Unable to express the fire in side my chest


A boy who was lost in those baby blue eyes

Ones that could make god blush with a mere glance

They danced through life with an angels grace

Vibrant with beauty unmatched in nature


I can still remember your hand on mine

When time waited

For a boy and a girl

Who carried the love of thousands of blooming roses


You laughed as I kissed you

Laughing as I fumbled

Knowing you had me for eternity

Knowing I held the keys to your heart


We exchanged our souls

Knowing not the results

Driven by a single factor




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