The Valley

He stood atop the hill. A clamping of brisk wind latched onto him. Gently resting a relentless wave unto his body. Shivering through his spine as he gave way to the chill of an unseen force.

In the distance he saw as the force push through the valley. Blades of angelic grass wafted from there roots, pushing back with no outcome. Immortalized by an eternal being, with a gentle nod. Frost from the dew sprayed through the air, glistening with the wind, falling to its home. Syncing its life with that of its own survival.

The man stood, eyeing the Eden of heaven. A branch cackling its demise, as the fog engulfed the immortal being. It stood above all below, guiding the lost to a single destination. Life growing within, forced its existence through the rough skin. Objectively yearning for a chance at beauty. Only to be cut down, by the yang that forced itself to be one with its yin.

A flower born from the external battle, sprouting through the roll of relentless haze. Shining away the grim beauty, showing a sight of pure joy. A orchestra of color flowed from the soft dirt, rising through the ebony veins. Cascading angels flew through the pedal. Violet rain clouds poured love into a momentary being, giving chance a chance. To become immortal in the eyes of the beholder.

The man sat upon the hill. A tear fell from the seeing eyes, flowing with ease down a jagged edge. Expelling the fog that lay below. He watched as the unseen angel danced with the mother that gave life, kissing her hair with a gentle touch. Breaking her with touch of life in perfect motion.

Heavens gates compare to no sight such as the man witnessed. A voice spoke into his soul, as the wind ceased. No words spoken, no meaning foretold. A light shown, a path. He stared as the path was laid upon his feet. Upon the gaze of his tearful eyes, the path murky with untold demons. Yet a path no doubt.

Grinning, the man stood. Brushing his weary body of the yesteryear pain, that clung like the dead souls to the grave sight. Expelling the haunting timeline that forged itself within. A path that lay in front, greeted the man with a warming touch. Embracing the lost traveler with heat that burned. Every inch of his being burning, a white flame shot from him with intensity.

With one moment of superb light, his vessel erupted. Spewing light from his burning body, shining through the dark fog. A white flash echoed through the immortals below, pausing there never ending ballet. His path now vanished, as he floated towards the beautiful ball. Greeted by an overwhelming love.

Beauty was the sight, as the man that once sat upon the hillside, now danced with the angels of the wind. Forever eternal in the soil, that held life. A flower bloomed, giving his soul a chance for beauty. Immortalized.



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