The Tree That Bloomed

The brisk breeze floated through the midnight air with a gentle lullaby. Coursing through the dried bits of grass, that still clung to life. Angels from yesteryear, dancing through the night with ferocious grace.

A joyous man upon high, graced his brother with a soft light. Illuminating the soft earth to bask in a moonlit glow. He smiled as he gave birth to beauty, in a dark world. Guiding life that sought shelter. The woods thanked the presence of such love, with corridors that ran like blood through mother earth. Perfect harmony approached the valley as the angels danced in the moons beaming glow. There glee becoming the heart, pounding existence, into existence.

The roots spread through the earth, giving the dirt below a purpose. Of one in which it held an eternal being, that towered over whom were below. Greeting the man in the moon, as a jester meets a queen. Mocking the glow of its life, not allowing its light to be seen beneath. A brotherly agreement, as the smallest of the creatures, took shelter from the innocent light that shone through there vail of a generous darkness.

The eternal tree lives upon the cusp of time, greeting eternity as a stubborn child does, to a scowling mother. Time has given a old soul, one last chance for beauty. A beautiful death, unto live in times endless glory.

A color of autumn flushed through the branches that lay below, bursting through the darkness with ease. Veins from the blush of earth rose through, coursing through with hue of summers night across the glass of the streams. Violet rained unto autumn with love, smothering into a spectrum of vibrance. Sparkling through the light, from a curious specter. Brilliance of light put onto display. Doves had seemed to lend the brilliant finale some glow of there grace, as the air popped into existence. Blinding the night with a flash that, made even the man looking down, envious.

Beauty bowed before the eternal tree. Lending grace to the white giant.



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