The Day A Piece Of Me Died

It was a day when the sun did not shine.

The clouds blocking any hope of warmth from reaching the ground.

A wind cutting threw the air with a devilish force.

Bringing all who stood before it, to there knees.

You looked beautiful on that day.

Covered with a wintery chill. 

Wrapped in a blanket, fit for a giant.

Staring out into the gloom, searching for a ray of light.

I came to you as a boy and became a man. 

Brought to my knees at first sight.

Only to crumple at your touch. 

Brought back to life, with that soft kiss.

Eyes of angel.

Should never weep. 

To have to let any ounce of pain in.

Such beauty, now tainted. 

My soul burned.

Churning with sorrow. 

I watched as I had just destroyed.

Gods greatest creation.

It was a storm I thought would never end.

I had been given a heart.

One that touched me with love.

Only to put it down. 

Having to say the words.

Wanting my love back.

I do not love you anymore.

Cut like a knife threw me.

For I had been a thief.

Of love I never deserved.  


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