a poem of hope

As I walk threw the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no man but myself. 

For I have seen the darkness within. Exuding sadness from the depths of past lives. Morphing into reality before lonesome eyes

A transformation unlike any other, sacred to those who embrace such sorrow. The light that shines begging for me to hold on with the last of my will

As I stumble along my path towards death, hate and anger envelope my being to near completion. I stand unknowing to myself

As I stand I see death in front of me holding out a hand. I can feel relief overtaking every inch of my being. Every ounce begging me to grab the warm embrace of death

Just before I succumb to the urge of eternal rest, I look around for a final image of the path that I have laid waste to

As I take note of the darkness of the path I have walked, I see something beyond the great relief of death that stands before me

A flower I have yet seen, blooms. A light radiating for only me to see. Beauty in its true essence laying waste to the darkness in front of me

An old light inside me starts to flicker once more. Reborn, a clarity washes over me. The path that lay in ruin is merely a bridge made by death

As I come to acknowledge the truth of my being and what I once thought was an un winnable darkness, now is lit with love

Death still holding out its warm embrace. He has seen the light that flickers once more

As he bows, knowing his defeat he lets out a small grin. For he knows the path filled with darkness will always have hope. 

Walking around the figure I see the flower perfectly now. I turn back to death and thank him. For I do not fear the inevitable and pain that goes along with it. Without his anger and hate, the light would never have shown
As I walk threw the valley of shadows of death I shall fear no man. For I have declined deaths invitation and chose to continue on my path

Hope now lighting the way


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