Freedom of Time

Part 1 of an ongoing debate inside my head. Time. The hardest thing to wrap my head around and one day will drive me crazy. Might as well try and write down some of the dialogue. These are just questions I have with a few answers. For me at least.

Our entire lives are dictated around a few constants. Birth, death, and time. 3 things that are inescapable once we are born. Thrust into life we have limited time followed by death. Thus is the ever revolving door of humanity. For without birth there would be no death and without death there would be no birth. Simple truths. But what about time? What is time?

We tend to think of time as a set thing. Something all beings experience and are aware of. Just like when birds migrate at a certain time of the year. Or deer leaving the mountains to venture for lush pastures once the frost takes over. We seem to believe that time is not separated between creatures and that there is fundamental truth to time. But what happens when we throw perspective in the ring? Let’s say, a fly for example, only lives on average for about a day. For us that’s a set amount of time. 24 hours. Another mark on the calendar. But to the fly that same amount of time could be stretched for what may feel like years. Perspective has limited us to perceive what time really is. To us it is real. We are intelligent beings capable to understand such complex ideas. But is it real? For the fly time is non exsistant. It does comprehend the true nature of something so advanced for it is a fly.

So let’s keep that process going. Is time perspective to the creature it engulfs? Or is it an ever present being. Let’s crank the scale up a couple million time. The earth is about 4 billion years old from the time of its birth. Someday it to will die. And of course this is guided by good ol Father Time. Now think back to fly perspective. Are we not the same as that fly? After all we are just a speck of dust in earths life journey. Only being around a couple thousand years we cannot stand up to the millions of years before. I heard a great concept the other day. It said if we were to put all the time together from earth in a 24 hour period we would be, in our human evolution, at 11:59. One second to midnight. I say this not to intimidate he reader but rather open up your mind. Let the ever present sinking feeling that we are nothing compared to the vastness of the universe. Let that into your thought process. Be humble in this. Let your ego aside to fully really the vastness of time.

I bring up this topic because once we let that eerie feeling inside we come away with a different knowledge. A higher sense of unity with the greater picture. If we see time for what it really is; an illusion, then we can let the concept go. Instead of dreading the hustle and bustle of work driven by a clock, we erase that limited time theory. Sure we still have to clock in and out but the counting of minutes suddenly doesn’t overtake your mind. Because what is a minute? Is our life not a minute on a universal scale?


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